About Us

Core Values

Right From the Start core values include:

  • Collective Impact – We all share the responsibility for ensuring that every child has access to high quality physical, social, emotional, and educational supports to realize his/her potential.
  • Quality – We hold that high expectations help all children to succeed and embrace equal opportunity within environments that are flexible and adaptable to diverse children. 
  • Equity – We recognize that Connecticut families are best served when a shared vision is built upon a deeper analysis of the racial and economic disparities in outcomes for children in our state.
  • Culturally Sensitive – We embrace all family and community cultures to ensure that everyone is treated with dignity, and we honor the value of multiple perspectives.
  • Family Leadership – We embrace all families as their child’s most important, influential teacher and first nurturer.   When families develop a strong sense of belonging and confidence, they lift up their voices to partner with other community stakeholders.
  • Stewardship – We understand that preventive measures are the best investment in all communities: early is good, and earlier is better.  Capitalizing on the diverse resources that reside within families, communities and our state, we build a sustainable early childhood system that works for all children and families.

What values do you embrace? Share your voice.