Through continued education on intersectional issues related to education, culture, race and class, we become better equipped to take on the difficult and necessary work of transforming our local communities and our state.

News, Philanthropy & Nonprofits January 08, 2020

A New Year's Note from Our Executive Director, David Addams

As a philanthropic organization, the Memorial Fund’s most appropriate role is driven first by the dual charges in our mission to achieve equity in education by working with those affected and by inspiring all to end racism and poverty. Secondarily, we…

News, Philanthropy & Nonprofits November 12, 2019

A Note from David Addams, Our Executive Director: An Update on the Memorial Fund’s Equity Journey

The past five years have been a process of inquiry, discovery, reflection, and setting our eyes upon a new prize- achieving equity in education while being explicit about the impact of racism and poverty.